CosmoPaganism Guide


Welcome to CosmoPaganism. Here you have a lot of information about spirituality and magick at your disposal. Allow me to be your GUIDE for the wisdom that i share here.

Even before you follow your path you must call into question all the information you read and studied, both here in CosmoPaganism as other sources.

The CosmoPaganism intended only to serve you as inspiration. And from there you may be prepared for higher studies. This is a path like many others.

For starters, a wizard must understand that consists of three main parts: Body, Mind and Soul. This is Holy Trinity in CosmoPaganism that makes the Mage a whole being. It gives it more value to the soul than to the Spirit because the Soul is the most divine part of us and the Spirit is an identity of the soul, one of many.

The Wizard should seek to have a good connection between these three parts of the “Divine Being” that is. Wanted to know:

| Body |

It is the part of denser you. It’s the first thing we know when we are born and it is our physical manifestation tool. We should take care of it so that we can channel our spiritual strength here in this world.

Body: Primordial Tool

Energy bodies

Physical preparation

General Care of the Body

The relationship between the Food and Energy Vibration

Acidity of the disease organism favors

Fasting: Good for the Body and Soul

Pineal Gland: Third Eye

The importance of Hair

Foot Barefoot: Binds Us ace forces of the Earth and Strengthens the Body, Mind and Soul

Pollen, full food

Vibrations alter the molecules of water

| mind |

This part of you is a bridge between the Soul and the Body. With her choose manifest our higher feelings, act with selfishness and inferior feelings, or acting instinctively. With it we can see the reality or fall into illusions.

Say is the Control Center that guides us both to higher realms or not.

States of Mind

What do you think creates your reality

The ten illusions of Human Creation

The path of Mastery

The importance of having an ideal

Theorem of Alchemy Staff

Decrease Fear

The Key to the achievements in the Physical World

What is a Wizard?

The magic that you can make

Magic for You and Others

Mutes the mind through meditation

Anatomy of thoughts

Money is also Divine Energy

| Soul |

The soul is the part of us that is higher and that in its pure essence is a part of God. Secretly is embedded in us the desire to come back to remember and be Him. This is the greatest certainty of life that you may have. Article Energy Bodies make reference to the various bodies that make up the human being.

Cosmic henotheism

Universe and God Summarized form

Love and Fear: the primal forces of the formation of the Universe

Life after life

Recreate Being

Belief and Certainty

Principles of Recreation

Communication between Body, Mind and Soul



Regaining Life Force

Shaping Ki (Life Force)

The magic is contained in every gesture we make. The human being as it user can take these facets: The Unconscious, Sorcerer, the Sorcerer and Wizard.

The Unconscious is the person who makes magisticos gestures without realizing it. As acts unconsciously, have no control over these forces. And these forces may be benefiting or harming his life and that of others.

Warlock is that What’s a magic formula and performs without knowing what forces are working. But since driving forces in the direction of an object. Or becomes driven by them.

The Sorcerer is one that already formulates its own rituals. You know the forces. Already the leads based on knowledge and wisdom gained along with the experience gained by practice.

The Magus is one who knows that is the Forces that evokes. It is the spiritual force that it turns your life.

You have several forces Spells and Magical Beings to Study. Deepen knowledge of the Four Basic Elements essential in magic over the fifth and Noble Element. Understanding the forces of the planets and times to do magic will bring more power to your rituals.

You’ll have a deeper experience of spirituality and CosmoPaganism if efectuares Awakening the Sacred Heart.

It is the awakening magic time in your life. You’ll see the Magic Basic Procedure of CosmoPaganismo. and experience to perform the ritual to start the Way. Will it help trilhares better the Spiritual Path. Another suggestion is to pass efectuares the ritual of consecration to the Magic.

With your personal development Practices and Rituals that efectuares will strengthen. It also seeks to develop your own psychotic capabilities like Telepathy, Astral Travel, intuition, divination, channeling energies, etc.

also finds Reiki and other energy systems. and you self-iniciares others.

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Allows you CosmoPaganism Inhale and do you see the beauty in you.

Embrace you CosmoPaganism Guide.

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