Alchemy Reiki

AlchemyPlease note that you will need to be attuned to Usui Reiki level 2 or above to receive Alchemy Reiki attunement.

Alchemy Reiki was originally founded and channeled by Violet Paille, vision in the stars Reiki Academy.

Alchemy is the study of scientific transformation. We can use this form of science as a metaphor for spiritual transformation. For each of us has our ailments, negative emotions, and past life trauma that has lead us to blockages, illness, and pessimism. The theory of Alchemy is very simple. It is the theory that since all parts make a whole, we can work to change that whole. It is not about releasing the negativity, but embracing our
weaknesses and turning them into strengths. For what Alchemy Reiki does is the same as what the ancient Alchemists do, they transform, and transmute materials into gold. In this same way we will take our negative spiritual energy and turn it into gold. Alchemy Reiki teaches you how to turn negative energy into positive energy.

Alchemy Reiki is divided into the following study areas:

History of Alchemy-looking at Chinese Alchemy, Egyptian Alchemy, Arabian Alchemy, European Alchemy, The English Alchemists, Alchemy in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries and our debt to the Alchemists.
Theory of Alchemy Reiki- Alchemy Reiki teaches you how to turn negative energy into positive energy and therefore transforms the whole body for the highest good
Self Transmutation – This technique involves a scanning method needed to find the negative energy.
Hands on Transmutation
Distance Transmutation
Attunement Process


After the payment you will receive the manual for this energetic system and another manual with the attunement method to your email acount.



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