Aura Flush Empowerment

auraManSmThe Aura Flush is a very gentle, cleansing energy that sweeps through the aura
and clears it of negative energy and thought-forms.
Like the other flushes for the meridians and chakras, the Aura Flush is easy to
use and activated by simple intention. It works just as well in person or over a
distance. It is an excellent complement to Reiki or any other energy healing
The aura is the part of our energy field that surrounds us and protects us. It is
our projection out to the world. If we want to attract the right people and
opportunities, we need to have an aura that is bright and healthy, full of positive
energy and love.
Unfortunately, as we go through life we collect negative energies in our aura.
Actual negative thought-forms of anger, sadness, and hatred can reside in our
aura, bringing down our overall energy and pushing people away from us.
Cleansing the aura regularly will help rejuvenate our spirit as well as improve our
projection to the outer world.


After the payment you will receive the manual for this energetic system and another manual with the attunement method to your email account.


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