Dragon Reiki

Dragon-Wallpaper-dragons-13975628-1280-800Dragon Reiki holds an important place in terms of spiritual or holistic healing purposes. Many people who have tried it in their lives believe that it is really effective and powerful to reduce stress and making emotional balance.

Dragon Reiki is effectual for healing people who are suffering from major form of illness and is practiced in many medical institutes, like hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics, where people come for some kind of tough illnesses. Hospitals are offering this form of Reiki as an integral part of overall treatment process as doctors believe that this form of Reiki induces positivity in mind and enables them to get better soon.

With the Dragon Reiki Attunements you will learn:

  • A method to use of the invisible force of life energy

  • A method to make your healing more powerful

  • A method to heal body and emotions of a person & increases their holistic approach towards life.

  • A Healing method that opens new horizons for growth and change

This is a 2 level reiki system.

Level 1

transferir (1)10€

Level 2

transferir (1)10€

After the payment you will receive the manual for this energetic system and another manual with the attunement method to your email account.


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