Reiki Attunements

image3Reiki is a spiritual and energy healing technique. (Follow this link to learn more.)

Spiritual healing provides the recall higher consciousness, while energy healing aims to remove the symptoms of the mind that cause physical disorders (diseases).

And all can be benefited by this practice, and we channel these forms of spiritual energies into our lives, to our daily lives.

An initiation experience in the presence of a teacher is very important to acquire practical knowledge of the basic techniques of energy channeling. So I advise you to do the Traditional Reiki courses (Usui Reiki Shiri Kyo) in person with someone.

But with the growth and evolution of Reiki, other forms of Spiritual Energy also absorb the reiki attunement techniques, and so were born other pathwork spiritual energies.

One of the developments that reiki had then was the practice of initiations to distance. I already started in several systems remotely and can transmit to others too …

I’m a Master in various energy systems, both traditional and tuning done at a distance.

| How we proceed |

Once you have selected and paid the course is passed you a manual of the desired Energy system plus a manual of process with attunement method used.

I will need some data like your full name, address and if possible a digital photograph yours. For more information end of this page there is a form so we can come into contact.

After you confirm that you received the distance attunement, I will send a CosmoPaganism certificate to state that you received this attunement.

Below is a small Reiki’s list that I am able to pass through distance attunement, and I have confidence in passing the other, or you can see the “Reiki and other energy systems” section for other systems.

| Systems List of Energy |

7 Flavor of Vrill

Alchemy Reiki

Abundance and Prosperity Manifestation Empowerment

Aura Flush Empowerment

Blue Fire Body

Celtic Reiki

Crossroads Energy Empowerment

DNA Healing Reiki

Dragon Reiki

Elven Shamanic Healing

Erotic Empowerment

Excalibur Reiki

Fairy Light Reiki

| Latest considerations |

I invite after being tuned, sharing page of the energy system experiences and evolutionary changes that have to work with them.

Energy healing systems and human development known as reiki, not substituiem conventional medical care because the proposal is to be a tool to be used in conjunction with allopathic medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc., and for the overall development Being.

Practitioners, teachers and reiki therapists do not emit diagnostics (unless they have training in Naturopathy). If any transmit a diagnosis, we should always first counsult a doctor.