The path of CosmoPaganism

milky_way_by_knight_of_sand-d4xx68pIf you are Reading this page is because your Soul brought you where for a new  on you vision about life towards personal achievement.

You are free to read and experience the CosmoPaganism.

The information here is that I feel I must share with you. Follows the “CosmoPaganism Guide.” He will guide you to a path to better understand and teach you. With it you will be lead into a way that will make you a mage.

The CosmoPaganism is an opportunity to discover yoru natural tools that prepare you for deeper work, and initiate you in many mysteries.

The rituals and practices of CosmoPaganism are based on the higher energy of God know as LOVE is the primary force in the universe.

Prepare yourself for a trip into the inner self in search of tools for recreating your reality. Here is a simple magic system and philosophical basis so you can open more individual consciousness that You Are.

| “We Are All One” |

Our great purpose is to remember that we are all part of the One Only, the All, the One, God, the Supreme Creator, etc.

When we begin to live this phrase in our life, and love, we begin to realize the links we have with everything around us.

| What is CosmoPaganismo? |

The CosmoPaganism explores the opportunities opening up in towards life, and the different ways of looking at her. You can look at them with these three simple tools:



And God.

If you analyze this words – Love, Life and God – in essence they are all the same thing.

In many religions preach that God is Love.

Love is conciliatory.

With love for someone you to accept a person just like it is without him giving judgments.

Love remember what is to be happy and complete.


Some preach that God is the beginning and the end, Alpha and Omega, etc., which leads us to believe that everything in life is God.

You want to see God?

Look in front of you!

Look around you!

We fall into the illusion that we were separated from Him and all the people of the world.

Unconditional Love truly begins when you start to realize that you are one with everything. When Te eardrums you’re a part of the whole.

This is where you become a mage. Comprehending this it changes your inner world and it reflects in your outer world.

| Understood that you are part of everything |

As a hand part of a body.

The hand is different from the entire body.

But it’s still a part of the body.

The hand can say that is not part of the body.

But it’s not why I no longer part of the body.

Thus you are spiritually. You are a divine spark. A tiny part of God. Can you say that you are not God, but in reality you are part of it. And you have the potential to God because you are connected to Him.

To evolve, to raise awareness of heart for this, we acquire magical power to transform our lives.

You know you and find you. Allows CosmoPaganism inspire you.

| Discovering Spirituality |

It is very easy to get lost by the various spiritual paths. There are many visions and ways of interpreting spirituality. The basis for studying any spirituality is by following these maxims, which share so you can explore the CosmoPaganism in full potencial:

See if works for your path.
If can adapt to the way you see the world.
And it makes use of the acquired data.
These principles are as valid for spiritualities as well for the physical experience. This is because we are spirits having a physical experience.